Monday, April 4, 2011

Mike Francesa Isn't a King - or the Pope

Since a definitive answer regarding the outcome of the Mets' 2011 season can't be gleaned from a three game sample, I was wrestling with exactly what I would write about today. At around 2 PM, Mike Francesa made my mind up for me. Mike Francesa isn't a King or a Pope (though he would lead most to believe he held one of those Title's with the way he talks down to people). No, Mike is not one of those things, nor can he tell the future. However, after three games and a 2-1 record, Mike Francesa has proclaimed the following about the 2011 Mets:

"The Mets aren't even a good team."

If the above information is accurate, the Yankees (at 2-1) aren't a good team either. Nor are the 0-3 Red Sox, the 0-3 Brewers, etc. What defines "a good team" after three games? Three wins? Three shutouts? I'm confused. But Mike continues spewing brilliance:

"Nobody in the World thinks the Mets are good, but that's OK."

Ah, so Mike has cleared it up for us! It's not that the Mets aren't actually "a good team," it's that "nobody in the World thinks" they're a good team. Cool. I know Mike takes up a significant portion of the gravity and air supply with the space he fills and the hot air he blows, but I don't think there's any way that statement can be taken as definitive. I think the 2011 Mets can be a very good team (again, can't make concrete judgments based on three games), but pushing that aside for a moment, aren't they at least a better team than the 2010 version? Mike?

"Are the Mets a better team than last year? No."

I see. The 2010 Mets, who sent out an Opening Day lineup that included Alex Cora, Luis Castillo, Mike Jacobs, Jeff Francoeur, Gary Matthews, Jr., and Rod Barajas, that had two rotation members who are currently not in the Majors (Oliver Perez and John Maine), were an equal or better squad than the 2011 Mets are or will be. Thanks for clearing that up, Mike. Makes total sense. Any more pearls of wisdom for us today?

"Well Mets fans, you'll always have Florida."

In a way, that's true. Mike was basically trying to tell all Mets fans that winning the Season opening series in Florida will be the high point of the season. What I take from the claim that "we'll always have Florida" is the following: Mets fans are a loyal bunch, as evidenced by the fact that their fans drowned out the fans of the Marlins in their own ballpark - nearly 2,000 miles from New York. It reminded me that we've done the same in Baltimore, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, and San Diego (to name a few). It reminded me of why exactly the majority of Mets fans despise the Yankees. It's imbeciles and Yankee fans like Francesa, who think Championship's are owed to their team. Who bash the Mets even when there's nothing to bash. Who snicker under their breath at the supposed genius of their words - even though they sound like fools. Mike Francesa isn't actually a moron, but he also has his head placed firmly up his ass regarding his current opinion of the 2011 Mets.

If I could've gotten through to Francesa this afternoon, I simply would've discussed facts - by discussing The 2010 Mets' Opening Day lineup, bullpen, and rotation, and putting them up against the 2011 version. And if Francesa had the guts to answer honestly as to which team had better personnel, and a better chance to win, he would've looked like a fool. I emplore anyone who has the patience to attempt to reach him to use that strategy. If nothing else, It'll take up a bit of the time between now and the first pitch in Philly tomorrow night.


Paul said...

When Mike realizes he's wrong he usually twists your words around, yells over you, and hangs up.

Stos said...

Actually, he really is a gas bag. Every time you hear him hand off the show to anyone of the WFAN news guys (mostly John Minko) you hear this audible gasp from him, sort of like, "here's the Mink man (loud audible gasp)". Guess those Diet Cokes or whatever diet soda he's drinking isn't helping the old weight issues, huh Mike?

ChrisKelsey said...

You wanna hear something sad? Francesa is such an insufferable ass, I've actually taken to listening to Kay on ESPN in the afternoons. Kay--the Yankee announcer, for chrissake--is less offensive re: the Mets than Francesa.

Had the SNY special about the '69 Mets Tivo'd and watched it last night. Prior to that season--like now--the Mets were a national joke. If they could make a run this season--and I think they could, if for no other reason than they seem to finally have a manager that won't cost them 10+ wins--it would be a similar kind of sweet.

DyHrdMET said...

wow. you guys actually actually listen to Mike Francessa!? i haven't wasted my time with him in years. actually, i don't listen to any sports talk radio. none of them are worth it.

Keith said...

I grew up with Mike and Dog, but Francessa lost any credibility he had a very long time ago. He is actually one of few people i would love to meet in person bc he wouldn't be able to hang up on me if i was in front of his fat face. He's one of those people who deserve to have people jeer him everywhere he goes. I would love to share my opinions of him to his face.

Jim said...

I also had to stop listening to that pompous buffoon several years ago. I think the Mets are better than 2010 and would be happy to debate him on it, although he does not listen. But frankly, who cares what he thinks?

keithninety said...

Correction, Paul: Mike never realizes that he is wrong.

Pat said...

I'll NEVER forget the caller years ago who said "do you think they'll bring David Wright up soon?". Francesa's answer was "I don't know who David Wright is but I'll tel you this. If he was ANY good he'd be up here now helping". He's so arrogant and lazy that he had NO idea who David Wright was a month before he came up. That year Wright was rated in the top 5 of prospects by Baseball America. Not only should he have known who all of the Mets top prospects were but you'd think he'd be aware of at least the top 10 prospects in baseball.