Monday, May 26, 2008

InGame Thought: Why Willie, Why?

The Mets are slowly driving me insane. Every loss ruins my mood, and then my day or night. They're making me fight with my girlfriend. They're making me physically ill. Tonight, they're currently losing 6-3, and it's of the vomit inducing variety. They're making errors, failing to hit with runners in scoring position, not breaking in on balls hit by the Marlins. Nick Evans hits a ball 409 feet, and it gets caught. Brian Schneider KNOCKS MIKE JACOBS OVER with a grounder, and he records an out. The Marlins scored their first 2 runs on broken bat doubles, and their next 3 on a blooper that should've been caught. The combination really is vomit inducing.

With all that said, the person who epitomizes this nonsense is Luis Castillo. How many days, weeks or months will it take for Willie Randolph to realize that he is not the number 2 hitter? He wasn't the number 2 hitter at the beginning of the year. Randolph replaced him with Church, the Mets won 5 games in a row, and Randolph then went ahead and put him right back there (and watched the Mets go on a losing streak). I understand that Church and Alou are out right now, but Castillo should still not be anywhere near the 2 hole. Put Endy Chavez there. Put Nick Evans there. Put anyone there. Just not Luis Castillo.

All the man does is KILL RALLIES. He kills them early in the game, and he kills them late in the game. He kills them by popping out, striking out and by grounding into so many double plays that my head is starting to spin.

The Mets had a rally going on Saturday night in Colorado, and Castillo promptly hit into a double play.

The Mets had something going yesterday in Colorado, and Castillo slapped the ball right at the pitcher - who started the double play.

The Mets had a chance 10 minutes ago, with runners on 1st and 2nd, and Castillo slapped into ANOTHER double play.

A couple of games before that, the Mets had a chance with the bases loaded, and Castillo couldn't even put the ball in play and bring a run home.

So I ask again, why the hell is he still hitting 2nd?

He can't hit the ball into the outfield.

He can't get runners in from 3rd with less than 2 outs.

He hits into double plays more often than anyone on the roster.

He's lost his speed.

Why, Willie, Why?

His presence is crippling this team every single day. How long will it take for a change to be made? At this rate, fans will be projectile vomiting onto the field before, during and after each one of his atrocious slap-happy at bats.

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