Friday, May 9, 2008

Mets Fans

As we wait around to see when/if this game will be played tonight, and continuing with the theme of die-hard fan pride, here's something I wrote to pass the time......

Being a Mets fan in New York means you’re in the minority whether you’re white or black, male or female.
Being a Mets fan will cause heartache.
Being a Mets fan is a test of ones will.
To be a Mets fan is to have eternal hope, whatever the circumstances.
Being a Mets fan will drain you mentally, physically, and emotionally.
If a purple stadium is your thing, the Mets are the team for you.
If you don’t mind broken seats with bird shit on them, you bleed ORANGE and BLUE and love Shea too.
Being a Mets fan is an act of defiance.
Mets fans are the ones that know New York is a National League Town that’s currently tripping on Acid.
If your Grandfather was a Brooklyn Dodgers fan who converted to the Mets after they left, you’re a Mets fan.
Mets fans believe in miracles but know how to cope with disasters.
If you’re a Mets fan, the Tomahawk Chop makes you feel like throwing up.
If you’re a Mets fan, you can do without the Irish tenor Ronan Tynan singing during the 7th inning stretch.
Mets fans would much rather hear Take Me Out To The Ballgame.

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